The Swiss Code of Obligations (articles 957 to 963) governs the commercial accounting and reporting obligations for commercial businesses. However, we understand that any integral financial management of a business activity requires proper accounting.

Synergie Trust Ltd. assists you efficiently with the establishment of financial accounts, salary accounting, portfolio accounting as well as Anglo Saxon Trust accounting.

We take over the operating accounting tasks either permanently or temporarily, depending on the client’s wishes. Of course, you also get support for all declaration obligations regarding corporate profit taxes, value added taxes, social insurance obligations and company pension plan(s).


Companies with its place of management – as well as private individuals with their centre of life – in Switzerland are subject to worldwide tax liability on federal, cantonal and communal level. In contrast thereto, a Swiss „economical affiliation“ (place of business, permanent establishment, real estate, specific income) creates a limited tax liability only.

The effective tax burden depends on (i) the domicile in Switzerland, (ii) the form of business set-up and (iii) the business operations. It is the combined result of the tax basis, the tax rate, possible taxes at sources, social security contributions [if any] and a possible double taxation. Tax planning with tax expertise may significantly lower the overall final tax burden.

Synergie Trust Ltd. supports you in the area of taxes with a holistic approach, thereby enabling you to benefit from existing playing level fields to your advantage. We service small and medium-sized companies as well as private individuals with smaller or bigger portfolio- and real estate investments, national and international.


Synergie Trust Ltd. provides professional trust services in the fields of incorporation, corporate secretarial, business administration and/or domicile whenever these are required. Our clients get in-depth knowledge and reliability.

Besides, Synergie Trust Ltd. also offers strategical and administrative expertise when it comes to take care of accounting or administration tasks for Anglo Saxon Trusts. Our services are dedicated to support Trustees in a professional manner as required for any specific trust settlement.

Management Services

Synergie Trust Ltd. stands by developing the business organisation of small companies and similar sized institutions. With work with business area modules developped by Prof. Dr. Dr. Kurt Nagel. This approach enables yout to convert your vision into practicable working documents for your success.

Upon request you may also elect our representative to the board of directors of your business. We focus to achieve an open learning culture everywhere in the company.